The Zahir by Jorge Luis Borges

An Aged Quill Recording:

The Zahir by Jorge Luis Borges is now available for streaming.

Narrated by Joseph Voelbel.

Borges and sky.

An investigation of the obverse side of a coin with magnetic and magical properities. One of the aspects most intriguing to me about this story is how the coin felt unncessarily heavy in the palm, and left a burning sensation upon removal. Here is an excerpt wherein the protagonist discusses the initial effect of the Zahir.

“I had wandered in a circle and was now a block away from the store where they had given me the Zahir. I turned back. The dark window told me from a distance that the shop was now closed. In belgrano street I took a cab. Sleepless, obsessed, almost happy, I reflected that there is nothing less material than money. Since any coin whatsover, let us say a coin worth twenty centavos is strictly speaking a repertory of possible futures.”

Jorge Luise Borges (The Zahir)

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