The Trial by Franz Kafka

An Aged Quill Recording:

The Trial by Franz Kafka is now available for streaming.

Narrated by Joseph Voelbel.

A philosophically laden and religiously overtoned excerpt from Franz Kafka’s, ‘The Trial’, Chapter Nine, “The Cathedral.” K.’s conversation with the priest and the parable of the Law.

Sketch by Franz Kafka.

This conversation brings up several levels of religious philosophy, but the primary one seems to be what is one’s duty, and how does one act in accordance with the law.

Kafka’s epitomization of inane hampster wheel somnabulistic beaurocracy is choice in its place. Kakfa was greatly influenced by Crime and Punishment and The Brother’s Karamozov, both of which I’ve read and agree heartily it pushes through the pages. However, Kafka found a nitche in his delivery, unique. Paired down and self-evident. Also very much enjoyed he drew sketches for his book, which is something I’ve done as well.

Take a journey with Joseph K., a man accused of a crime unmentioned to the audience, and unknown to himself.

The Trial was published in 1925 posthumously.

Also, Orson Welles made a movie of it, which you can stream here.