Aged Quill (Channel Introduction Video)

Welcome to my channel!

What an obviously straightforward opener. I provide great books, short stories, and excerpts of what I deem to be high water marks of literature (in audiobook format).

Most of the wonderful listeners who enjoy this channel enjoyably pass through; make a difference in my desire to provide this content and subscribe:…

This is simply a short introduction.

This channel is dedicated to the preservation of high water marks of literature. Usually with a particular philosophical, spiritual, or scientific bent. The primary author that inspired this channel was Jorge Luis Borges. I did a complete narration of his short story collection, Ficciones; the playlist is nearing 12,000 views. From there I read First Essays, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which I aim to complete, and ultimately segued into great philosophical excerpts – desiring to create snapshot audiobook samples that glimmered for me, and which might also echo off the digital walls of these halls of mirrors and whisper back to you in voices you’ve once heard, possibly forgotten, and then remembered, or learned and realized the need to unlearn, like dusting off the carcass of an allegedly extinct creature or jacket of some unknown great canonical book.

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It’s a click of the button for you and an opportunity to earn passive income for me. Plus, I see this channel growing into literary discussions, Q&A’s, live readings; I just need to cross the 1K subscriber mark to make that possible.

As of today my channel is streamed 11.9 hours a day, which means (nearly) half of everyday someone is listening to great books! My aim is to grow this trend and continue to provide you these great audiobooks free of cost. When I do convert to ads, they will only be at the beginning, and will not interrupt a narrative.