The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

An Aged Quill Recording:

The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges is now available for streaming.

Narrated by Joseph Voelbel.

“The universe, which others call the library, is composed of an indefinite perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries, with enormous ventilation shafts in the middle, encircled by very low railings.”

– Jorge Luis Borges (The Library of Babel)

This short story is my most popular narration to date. It is fabulous for many reasons, least of which is my narration of it. I’ve been told I read too quickly, and the tenor was supposed to be that of an aged and dying man. Alas, a ghastly oversight. None-the-less the story holds up in its pursuit of eternity.

This is perhaps the main trope of this short, The Tower of Babel, was once built to try and reach the heavens, in a time when everyone spoke the same language. Borges lifts this trope and supplants it with a Library, “which others call the universe.”

The narrator roams the endless circles of knowledge, and alleges that it contains everything, and is somehow limitless.

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