(Inside the Mind of) Le Comte by Joseph Voelbel

(Inside the Mind of) Le Comte by Joseph Voelbel is now available for streaming.

Narration by the author.

This is the first in a collection of Nineteen Stories, which is available on Amazon. First edition paperback (which I do not recommend purchasing) is currently valued at just under $1,000 (ebook is available for $10). Eventually, I will reprint a second edition and make it affordable. I had nothing to do with that price, a re-seller simply saw a scarcity and exploited it.

Le Comte is about a nephew whose Uncle passes and leaves in his will a collection of impenetrable journals. The brevity of the short was inspired by Borges, and the subject of Le Comte was inspired by Rainer Marie Rilke’s “Count character”, in The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge – whom was supposed to be Le Comte de Saint Germain (allegedly a man whom lived for many centuries).

The notion that this character has passed away at the onset of this short, now strikes me as portentously poetic. Maybe the character did not die, maybe the character did die, maybe the journals of Le Comte somehow contained the secrets to his extended life. Also, the notion that immortality eventually is boring, and the soul yearns to move on is the motif I would – as the author – endeavor to say I meant to convey (though I did not know so at the time of composition).

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