A Hagiographic Account of Sebestian Featherwood Delvantino by Joseph Voelbel

A Hagiographic Account of Sebastian Featherwood Delvantino by Joseph Voelbel is now availabe for streaming.

Behold: the shortest story in my first collection with the longest title. Enjoy!


“Sebastian Featherwood Delvantino was a prominent 13th century Italian mystic and polymath, christened to sainthood in the 15th century under Pope Gregory XII, following a rapic succession of events which proved veridical a series of glossolalic prognostications made nearly two centuries prior by the mystic himself. In his time, Italian people lauded Delvantino for his adept engineering of Le Monte Arche, the eastern most entrance of Pisa’s bounderies, as well as several sacred burial chambers.”

– Joseph Voelbel (A Hagiographic Account of Sebestian Featherwood Delvantino)