The Author by Joseph Voelbel

The Author by Joseph Voelbel is now available for streaming. An artist looks the way he’s supposed to, investigating that self-reflection reflected off a mirror of self. For it seemed, as of late, that the author had entered a corridor that ran parallel to his life, a hallway lined with glass walls; on the otherContinue reading “The Author by Joseph Voelbel”

The Pilgrim by Joseph Voelbel

The Pilgrim by Joseph Voelbel is now available for streaming. A contemptlative journey by a wandering man who meets a holy being and may ask three questions… “A small sack clothe slung over his shoulder, bounced against his spine as he walked. It contained three uncut pieces of quartz crystal, an anachronistic post script fromContinue reading “The Pilgrim by Joseph Voelbel”

Franny by J.D. Salinger

Franny’s obsession with learning how to pray ceaselessly stands out as a singular and brilliant portrayal of the author’s search for God in the idiosyncratic upper crust east coast overly educated critics that are his Glass family.

The Secret Miracle by Jorge Luis Borges

An Aged Quill Recording: The Secret Miracle by Jorge Luis Borges is now available for streaming. The Secret Miracle is based on the notion that God can do anything, and grants a last wish of a man facing a firing squad to have enough time to finish composing his magnum opus. “Upon a courtyard flagContinue reading “The Secret Miracle by Jorge Luis Borges”